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Perhaps the bad weather plaguing the Earth now will have abated by summer and the fading of the transiting Grand Cross, combined with transiting Jupiter's entry into Leo. Bad weather seems to go in cycles and we seem to be at the peak of a bad weather cycle now.

Lunar Phases and Eclipses

A convincing case has been made correlating Sunspot activity with weather on Earth. Sunspot activity peaks every eleven years, which seems to correspond with generational weather trends that peak and then abate. The last Sunspot peak in was said to be the weakest in years, but there may be a rebound here due to the influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross. When violent Sunspot activity coincides with other planetary alignments, like the current Cardinal Grand Cross, then you have exacerbating conditions, a double whammy. There are always conflicts between people and nations on Earth, but celestial influences can increase the pressure.

It would seem inevitable that, under these conditions, heads will roll and conflict of a serious nature like war may break out suddenly just before Easter.

AstroloJew: Passover Lunar Eclipse - Blood Moon Tetrad Calling Your Name!

Since Mars is moving towards opposition with Uranus in Aries, and Mars rules Aries, the Sun sign of the first Lunar Tetrad, one would expect countries with Mars in Aries might be the most strongly affected by this planetary alignment. A review of world horoscopes see Accurate World Horoscopes by Doris Chase Doane, which is published by the American Federation of Astrologers indicates that the following countries have the planet Mars in Aries:.

Three of these ten countries are in the Middle East and three are in Africa, so six out of ten countries are in geopolitical hotspots. Aries rules the head, so it would seem logical that the head of the Mars Aries country would attack the head of the Sun Libra country. Certainly, from a political standpoint, when there is so much Aries activity involved it is a "no-brainer" that war is likely to break out on Earth in the locations most affected by the Full Moon.

The show is about to begin, so get ready for world change. Expect corrections. On a personal level, the Grand Cross strongly affects people with the Sun, Moon, or planets in Cardinal signs, especially the thirteenth degree. There is the feeling of being at a crossroads. There can be the urge to revisit all the people who have crossed us in life, and make a choice to forgive and forget or carry a grudge.

Blood Moon – Astronomy or Astrology?

The good thing about the Cardinal Cross being at its peak is that it will be separating soon and waning in its influence, but not in time to avoid the first eclipse of the Lunar Tetrad on April Fasten your seat belts and hold on for the ride, stargazers. The second total eclipse of the - Lunar Tetrad occurs on October 8, at a.

Tavurvar in Papua New Guinea. Expect another peak of seismic and volcanic activity during the week after the Capricorn New Moon on December 22, At present, the tensions on Earth seem to be abating somewhat, the influence of Sun Libra at work aided by Mercury Retrograde, which is a time to slow down and go back over things. In addition, the tension could be easing off temporarily until December because of a mitigating Transiting Jupiter Grand Trine.

With the Sun in Libra, the sign of harmony, balance and relationships; and a helpful Transiting Leo Jupiter Grand Trine to Transiting Mars in Sagittarius and the Transiting Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries, political tensions are likely to simmer rather than boil over like they did this summer. The tension will probably build up again once Jupiter goes Retrograde and Uranus goes Direct in December, , leading into the third eclipse on April 4, During the First Eclipse of the Tetrad in April, we were still under the influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross that caused so much upheaval in the world.

Capricorn is the sign of the administrator, manager, executive and entrepreneur. Pluto rules the corporate world, and change is long overdue in the way corporations are structured and do business, at least here in America. Look for major changes in this area as part of the total effect of the Tetrad, as there is a Pluto T-Square in each of the four eclipses. Keep in mind that although Pluto can eradicate with violent efficiency, he replaces and transforms what he destroys.

Pluto also rules atomic energy and the human race has to face the challenge of disposing of our nuclear pollution. There are places on Earth so polluted by nuclear waste that they are permanently uninhabitable, like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima, and the original site of the Manhattan project.

Our future depends on finding a way of neutralizing nuclear pollution. Perhaps it could be recycled in some way. The Yod is a painful configuration that is a driving force in the horoscope and an indication that there is pressure to live up to a special purpose. Transiting Chiron is in Pisces, the sign of the fish, which was also an early symbol of Christianity. Jupiter rules priests and religion and is the co-ruler of Pisces. Resolution of religious conflict is one of the key issues of the 21st century.

Much of the military conflict in the world today is over religious disagreement. The Transiting Chiron Yod is like a divine command for humans to stop killing each other over their personal relationship with the Creator. It is insane to kill over religious beliefs, a violation of the first, and arguably most important of, the Ten Commandments, but nevertheless, rivers of blood have been shed over the issue of how human beings relate to God. We are in transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. It is time to get over religious differences.

The current leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, is a voice of reason and wisdom in the chaotic transition from fundamentalism to secular tolerance that is taking place in human society. He sets a fine example for any human being to follow, choosing simplicity over opulence; compassion over power; and the social outcast over the superstar. His horoscope is powerful and resonates with the Chiron Yod in the October 8, eclipse chart.

His Natal Saturn is in the eighth house at sixteen-degrees Pisces, thus the Transiting Chiron Yod is applying by two degrees to his Saturn.

Daily Astrology Horoscope All Signs: April 4 2015 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Libra Blood Moon

Transiting Saturn enters the Pope's Sun Sign, Sagittarius, this December, further emphasizing his potential role in addressing challenges to the structure and philosophy of organized religion. It is possible that he could be an active participant in the drama to come in the Middle East next summer after the third of the four eclipses in the Tetrad which occurs on April 4, This could be done in secret Pisces rules the 12th house of secrets, secret enemies and hidden things.

Could he be the initiator of a viable peace plan in the Middle East? Jupiter, the planet that rules his Sun-sign, Sagittarius, is quintile his Natal Mars and Saturn, indicating that the Pope might come up with a creative solution to quell the endless quarreling over minute differences in how individuals relate to God and help quench the relentless, needless bloodshed over religious protocol.

Pisces Chiron in Yod formation foreshadows a possible sacrificial lamb in this scenario, with Pope Francis a potential candidate. Pope Francis has stated that he only expects to live for two to three more years -- If he truly believes this and I hope he is wrong , he would surely want to get the most out of his remaining time on Earth.

From an astrological standpoint, I believe it is likely that he will play an important role in the coming crisis in the Middle East during the Summer of , particularly August. The third total eclipse of the Lunar Tetrad occurs on April 4, a. For those of us who follow the Moon, these are exciting, if troubled times. Astronomers and astrologers alike have been studying the Lunar Tetrad with great interest. What is a Lunar Tetrad? According to NASA, it is four consecutive, total lunar eclipses. Per EarthSky, a site that Sister Ray highly recommends, they are separated from each other by six lunar months, with no partial lunar eclipses in between.

Since the last Tetrad Eclipse on October 6, , there have been many dramatic events in the world. The evidence of climate change is now before us with one of the Northeastern U. The political world is as ugly as ever, with gridlock and hatred in Washington, D. The current Tetrad has apparently opened old, unhealed wounds from the First Tetrad in , which coincided with the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Religious and political strife seem to be the focus of the Tetrad, just as they were in the first one. Both the and Spring eclipses coincide with Passover, the beautiful Jewish celebration of emancipation. If this Tetrad means anything, I believe it is the emancipation of humanity from religious intolerance. The best interests of the human race call for the resolution of religious strife and establishment of mutual respect among human beings for their differing beliefs and ways of acknowledging the Creator.

I believe that it will probably take most of the Millennium to resolve these issues.

Change is slow. Pope Francis. Jupiter, the planet of priests and religious ceremony, is the common denominator in the second and third eclipse Yods and Grand Trines , symbolized by Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church. With his Sun in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, he has done great good to promote world peace and harmony, much of which has likely been done in secret.

One exception is the public record of his role as mediator between the U. In the second installment of the Lunar Tetrad, we mentioned the possibility of Pope Francis being a sacrificial lamb in this drama, and this is a continuing concern. He reputedly survived an assassination attempt in Turkey last November when he was building bridges between Christians and Muslims there.

Indeed, he did not renew the contract of the head of the Swiss Guard, his protection team, which came due just after the alleged attempt. The Moon turns deep red for an hour or so during a total lunar eclipse because it is reflecting the sunrise and sunsets from all around the world from the earth. From your position on the earth, you are seeing the Sun projecting all the sunrise and sunsets of the earth on to the Moon! This is why sunsets and sunrises generally are red, and also why most lunar eclipses appear red.

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The difference in the gravitational pull of the Moon, from the closest side of the earth to the opposite end of it, is 8 times greater than the pull from the Sun! This is the reason that Full Moon coincides with high tides. In a total lunar eclipse, the Moon and Sun are exactly opposite to each other and pulling the earth from both sides. This of course will result in stress on the earth.

The Blood Moon Eclipse Tetrad – What’s All The Rapture About?

However, it is not the only basis of the earthquakes at all although it does sometimes coincide with major tidal waves the Sumatra tsunami happened on the full Moon. It is the grand square as well this time which is making it much more important. The Japan tsunami happened on exactly the last date i.

It is important to note that there have been many total lunar eclipses during the 19th and 20th centuries but each one of them was often followed by a partial lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipse happens approx twice a year but the total lunar eclipse is more rare. This will create a lot of stress on the tectonic plates as the planets try to pull the earth off its orbit and you will find more earthquakes during this period.

Interestingly no astrologers seem to talk about it. The show begins on 15th April early morning and you will be able to see it from anywhere in North America.

The Bloody Moon: Tetrad Eclipse, part deux

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