January 6 eclipse astrology

We would be better served by doing our homework via reliable research. Mercury recently ingressed Capricorn, making it the fifth planetary influence in Capricorn for this eclipse. Our thinking is likely to become methodical and deliberate.

The First New Moon Solar Eclipse of the Year Brings Powerful Energy for Change

We can also become overwhelmed with too many observations. Stay on task and don't let depression sneak in at this time. Mercury is square to Mars in Aries, along with an out of sign trine to Uranus retrograde in Aries. The square aspect to Mars will have us easily tripped up by instant anger if others intentionally or accidentally offend.

The trine to Uranus retrograde is not at all helpful as we are likely to misinterpret the meanings of words, events, and symbols. What we think we should be receiving or will be getting, is not likely to occur. It's not about "what we deserve" but what we have to learn in the process.

That can be either for the best, or not. But, be aware that we don't always know what we want or need until we explore other options. Today, Venus is trine to Mars in Aries. This heightens our desire to explore the unknown within relationships. As already mentioned several times, Mars is now in the sign of Aries. Mars ingressed its home territory on January 2.

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With Mars back at home, we are more likely to feel invigorated, more physical in nature, and willing to take more risks as we venture out. Remember, this means most others are also feeling this way.

What's that precautionary warning? Oh, right, "Watch out for the other guy! Jupiter is almost at mid point in Sagittarius.

We are busy learning a lot about trust, value and other philosophies. This week, Jupiter is square to Neptune in Pisces. This can be one of those periods where we learn by exploring the unknown. We can learn even more by having an open heart, but not taking everything at face value. We need to ensure that our brains are balancing fact and fake. Uranus is ending the retrograde transit today and this will, for all intents and purposes for the next few weeks be the last time Uranus is in Aries for a very long time.

Intuitive Astrology: January Solar Eclipse 12222

It has been interesting watching the chaotic dance of changes that culminated as Uranus transited Aries, especially while squaring Pluto in Capricorn. That change is possible, and in that sense, this eclipse in Capricorn will guide your attention on how to take care of your work and your health. You are the battery that can activate the machinery that isn't on, and you might even be able to write that novel that you started one day or be able to compete in sports activities.

Because you're going to realize that life is like a playground. The composition of your family unit may change imminently, and anything could happen, as eclipses are magical and unpredictable. You might welcome a new baby could you be the mother or the father?

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Be happy about these changes, so your emotional center is balanced. During this solar eclipse, a new door is going to open in your mind, in which you will find new ideas that will make you succeed in whatever you want. Your brain is full of electricity, and from now on you have to canalize all your potential to achieve specific goals, which you should set from right now. You will have to own it, and honestly, so that it doesn't become a problem.

In love, your mind will open to meet new people without prejudice.

As we've already said previously, the 6 January eclipse is also known as the eclipse in Capricorn, and this is the reason why it will affect this sign more than the other ones. In fact, you won't be the same person after this eclipse. Thus, your identity could evolve, your way of thinking will be more advanced, and above all, you will accept yourself better.

You'll be aware of what you can do to improve your well-being every day. The solar eclipse will help to shelve the native of Pisces to those friends who are close to you but you are no longer interested, either because they bore you, or because they can't bring you anything good with their habits and behaviors. Similarly, it will be a breath of fresh air with the arrival of new people into your life.

Solar Eclipse January 12222 Astrology

All about Capricorn. All about Sagittarius. On a square aspect to Mars who is powerful in the sign of his rulership , it brings controversy and juxtaposition of ideas. Angry voices and action that conflicts with what the technocratic power communicates and concedes. That is shortly after the accompanying Lunar Eclipse that will take place on the 21st of the month.

What January's Solar Eclipse, New Moon In Capricorn Means For You

Imagine, now that we have analysed the eclipse elements, how all this multidimensional dynamics hidden in the eclipse chart could be expressed in our personal horoscope, giving the tone for the events of the next half-year. Depending on how the chart of eclipse falls on our personal horoscope and the positive or negative aspects that it forms, possible manifestations may be:. However it plays out, its effect will be possibly felt within a short time, since it will be activated soon, right after the Lunar Eclipse that is to follow.